Grab Your Fiancée, Tell Them You Love Them and Let Me ‘Marry You’

“Ronald and I knew of each other in 2006, but never communicated. Until one day at a college party, he took my phone and put his number in there. Determined to not use the number, I waited until this one day, then I called. Every since, we’ve been connected. From helping me with my school work to late night conversations.

He listened to all of my problems and was truly a selfless, kind and giving person. 2008 rolls around and it was quite obvious we couldn’t stay apart from each other. So October 2008 we made it official. He’s been there ever since and became the greatest role model for my daughter and amazing father to our son, who made his debut in 2010. Life has given us so many obstacles and many trials and tribulations but through it all.”

” Love never fails” 1 Corinthians 13:8

I’m very proud and excited to become Mrs. Watson. Dreams really do come true and I will finally marry my best friend and we finally get to become one; Family…”

Candice Webb and Ronald Watson’s wedding is planned for August 2016. Their nuptials will be officiated by Wedding Notary and Marriage Officiant Sonita M. Leak. Please say a few words to congratulate them on this life-changing endeavor.

Photography by Bren Photography out of Asheville, North Carolina. You can visit their website by clicking HERE.