The Wedding | Scheduling 101 – Ways to Stay on Top


Many businesses fail because they do not have a concrete plan on how they’re going to keep business.  Yes, it’s great to market and advertise… AFTER you seal the deal is equally important.

Communication is key in ours and really any business.  You’ll want to operate your Wedding Officiant business so that every method of communication is meaningful. Letting the couple know that you are attentive to their needs is optimal.

Thus, this begins the journey of you being their Wedding Officiant.

If you currently don’t have a scheduling system in place, get one.  Some officiants, like myself use Google Calendar, Square, there’s Calendly, any good back end CRM is an excellent way to keep on top of your scheduling.

Not familiar with a specific scheduling app?  Each and every one comes with a tutorial.  If you are an audio/visual learner, you can access different tutorials on outfits like YouTube.

It’s highly important, especially if you Officiate part-time to be on TOP of your scheduling. 

You don’t know just how many times I’ve been called to officiate a ceremony where the Officiant either forgot about their duties on Wedding Day or overbooked because they may have had other underlying appointments.

If you do not have a planner or paper form scheduler, you need to get one.  Although, you may have the electronic scheduling system, taking the information down on that paper does 2 things…  First, it makes the appointment real when you write it down.  Secondly, it allows you to open up a physical book and see exactly what options you have available for booking… at a moment’s notice.  

Just like governments have Checks & Balances, your scheduling system should have Checks & Balances too.

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