The Wedding |Advertising your Officiant & Notary Business for Valentine’s Day


(or any other holiday.)

Communication is key to any ceremony planning.  Whether your ceremony is just the two of you or a wedding that includes 100 or more guests, your communication with any potential or actual booked couples is of importance.

How prompt your response to phone calls, text messages, direct messages through Social Media are can mean the difference between booking and a miss.  I know, I’ve been there and although we attempt to answer EVERY phone call through Weddings by Sonita, there are times where the couple reaches another Wedding Officiant and books before you can even call them back.  It happens, so  be PROMPT!

Pre-plan your advertising images and video – Get a major start on your advertising 3-6 months in advance.

Schedule a photoshoot with your favorite photographer, this can be someone in your family, a professional, or even selfie-stick or tripod it.

Develop pricing according to how much you VALUE being available on Valentine’s Day, one of the nation’s most-celebrated holidays. Some officiants ask within the Notary and Wedding groups, however, YOU must determine your pricing based on your local factors.  If it is a destination wedding, you must also consider travel costs.

Bring Related Novelty Items – balloons, veils, flowers and candy will go a LONG way for a couple getting married on Valentine’s Day.

If you really want your couple to have a memorable experience, print a keepsake for the couple – Certificates with their picture, your logo and or catchphrase, you can even go as far as printing t-shirts or even drink cups with your logo for the couple.

DO NOT overbook.

Also, ensure that your schedule allows for travel.  Take in account how long it will take for each ceremony, if you have multiple on the day of.  Not only do you have to arrive at one location, you also have to leave and possibly travel to another.  Through Map Apps, you have the ability to input all of your travel stops BEFORE you begin, doing so beforehand will save you so much time! 

Not only will you put cushion for arriving and leaving each ceremony, you will also have to make a little leeway for possible stops along the way to gas up, shop for items or fulfill personal obligations.

Follow-up with the couple.

Thank the couple for their business later (like not on the evening of, but a few days down the line.) 

It will go a long way to let the couple know that you enjoyed your time with them, wish them well and are still thinking of them.