Notary Blog: Congratulations for an Early Morning Ceremony, Now They’re Off!

Did you know that as an out-of-state (or out-of-country) resident, you can still get married in the State of South Carolina?  Show proof of identification and meet these requirements, and you too, can GET MARRIED!*

Recently, we’ve married quite a few military-affiliated couples, as many of them were either being deployed, in transition, or needed to have the legalities of marriage ‘taken care of’ so that their spouse and/or children could be afforded the opportunity of dependency.

Today, the couple needed to solidify their union, first, for love, then for the legalities, now they are off to visit the parents!  Congratulations… from your Wedding Notary and Marriage Officiant, Sonita M. Leak.

*For purposes of this post, the information is specific to Greenville County. Please keep in mind that different counties have different rates.