Back to the Flash Marriage Ceremony – The Downtown Greenville Edition

Greenville, SC
Today was absolutely BREATH-TAKING… The day began with a freezing cold Marriage Ceremony atop the big rock at the bottom of the Falls at the Reedy River. If you are wondering where that is, all you have to do is walk to the bottom of the address known as 601 South Main Street and look toward the waterfall, the area just under the Liberty Bridge.

While the sun was still making its way up in the sky, a couple was making their commitment to one another. A commitment that will withstand sunshine, cold, wind, rain, snow, sleet, the elements and anything that comes across its path. The pair will to remain anonymous. However, I would like to give an honorable mention to Passerelle Bistro. As the couple warmed up inside of their outside patio ‘bubble’ a member of staff came out and greeted us and asked if we’d be joining them today. One thing I love to mention is EXCELLENT Customer Service, so THANK YOU!

The second signing of the day was carried out at Greenville Memorial Hospital, where I was called by a traveling friend of a patient for some very important paperwork. There are times when paperwork must be signed, but a signer is in a medical facility. The need for a mobile notary is warranted. Did you know there are various mobile notaries all across the Upstate? Yes, this is a service I provide, however, if I am not available, there are notaries public I can refer. Just call me at 864.214.6447 to see if I am available.

The third assignment of the day deserves its own post, but we’ll just sit it right here. A Flash Ceremony and Marriage License signing was conducted in the late Afternoon at the Hyatt Regency Dining Hall of the Second Floor. Congrats are in order to Ricky Burton and Janneth Guevara-Rodriguez who were joined in Holy Matrimony. All this during the Hyatt Wedding Festivals, how ironic. That was not the kicker to this ceremony.  10 minutes before time, a quick Google Translation was performed on vows that were created ON THE SPOT and it became a bilingual ceremony right then and there.

Three assignments for the day, but I must also honorably mention Kayla & Mario Ortiz on the celebration of the impending birth of their baby girl, and also Sophia & Mike Daniels on the Blessing of their new home! Sophia also owns an Upstate Notary Service titled, Daniels Mobile Notary.


Sonita M. Leak
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Passerelle Bistro is a dining restaurant located on Lower Level of Fall Park.  Again, thank you for your acknowledgment.  For those who would like to inquire about their cuisine, you can visit their website at  Photo Courtesy of Table 301 Restaurants and