Adventures in Matrimony | A Truly On-the-Spot Marriage Ceremony at OJ’s Diner of Greenville, South Carolina


Adventures in Matrimony Blog and Podcast
Posted and Recorded at OJs Diner ON LOCATION
April 9, 2018

Greenville, SC
It is truly a blessing to be in the business that I am in.  It is even more of a blessing to be able to come back to OJ’s Diner year after year to sit and work amongst the friendly staff that has greeted me for over 8 years.

See, I started my journey here at OJ’s Diner back in 2010 when I began my websites and started marketing my business.  It wasn’t until two years later that I began working on my website for my Marriage Ceremonies.

It is with great joy that one of the workers today, as I entered, asked me to marry he and his fiance ON-THE-SPOT.

Thank you for seeking me out to make your courtship complete with your nuptials today.

Be and Remain Blessed.


Sonita M. Leak
Marriage Notary and Owner of