The Wedding | “Marriage Behind a Mask” Part 2


Marriage Behind a Mask” Pt 2
Audio Podcast Recorded at Starbucks Five Forks
Greenville, South Carolina on October 20, 2020

With Coronavirus still raging, those who produce multiple-attendee events have had to change up their way of doing business. 

You see in major sports, people viewing the game in virtual ‘stands’.  While people are in their living room watching the game (or wherever else they may be), if the price is paid, you have the opportunity to see them at the game.

Concerts?  Not safe, so you’ll see many vocal artists performing from a ‘safe’ location with their ticket-holders paying the price to see the exclusive event.

But how do you get married? Without family and friends being present?  Can they be present, and HOW?

Here in South Carolina, early within the onset of rules and regulations regarding group events, those in the Wedding Industry were given the Green Light to continue to hold wedding gatherings. 

But we had to proceed with caution during these times.  How do you not look like the bad guy for continuing to hold ceremonies where there is a large group presence.

I remember having to tell couples that I married in Downtown Greenville, although your family is present, they still must all remain six feet apart from one another.

No hugs, no handshakes, no pats on the back.

What do you do with your children?  Will they keep a mask on?  Many questions loomed for us.

And they continue to loom for us, as the death toll gets larger.

While I am a Notary Public and many states are moving toward the Online Notarization Process, there are Wedding Officiants that are moving toward the Virtual side of Weddings, marrying couples wherever they are (ceremony-wise) over the Internet.

But will this become OUR new normal?  We’re not through with Coronavirus yet, and the end of this pandemic does not seem near. 

Will we be stopped of doing what we do for larger wedding parties because of this?  There are so many questions that still loom.

I have also noticed that the more prepared your business is, the easier it is to battle through pandemics like this one.

If your Wedding Industry business was set up to handle business with ‘no contact’, you fare far better than those that deal in paper.

By ‘no contact’, I speak of website contact, email correspondence and receiving electronic forms of payment online; when I speak of dealing in paper, this is in reference to negotiating with hand-written letters, contracts,  receiving cash, issuing paper invoices and meeting people in person to make your contact more personable.

Have you seen a pattern for your Wedding Industry business because of the pandemic? Has your Wedding Industry business grown, has there been a lull?  If there is a lull, you may need to make some adjustments to better pattern our world’s current situation.

Questions, Comments?  Leave them below.