Happy National Boss Day From the Marriage Notary


Today is Friday, October 16, 2020 and I’m excited because not only has the weekend begun, but because it also NATIONAL BOSS DAY!

I like this day in particular because it reminds me of just how far I’ve come in my Wedding Officiant and Notary businesses.  I also like today because it gives me the platform to feature colleagues of mine who are ALSO Bosses.

Being a Boss doesn’t always mean you have people working under you, but the sign of a Boss is someone who is able to work WITH others, alongside them.

You cannot carry the torch of Boss putting people down, treating those you have position over like peasants, or talking down to them, but, treating them in their human capacity, just as you are human.

A true Boss can delegate duties, set priorities and manage others without being condescending, overbearing or a threat.

Let’s change the connotation of what people think about bosses and have a fruitful, productive Boss’s Day.

Your Marriage Notary,
Sonita M. Leak

This post is dedicated to the memory of Jo-Ann Davenport, may her soul Rest in Peace.