Congratulations are in Order to Myron & Jasmin | 3.3.23

Jasmin + Myron were married amidst the calm winds of Rock Hill, South Carolina at Brakefield at Riverwalk Their ceremony was conducted in the presence of those who were present as witnesses and in memory of the ancestors that came before them.

The ceremony included a tasting of the element ceremony. Within this type of ceremony, which is a ritual from the Yorùbá people, newlyweds taste the four flavors intended to represent different stages of marriage: bitter, sour, hot, and, of course, sweet.

Their ceremony included also a foot washing, one washing the other’s feet and vice versa. This representing that their mate is their help meet, their support system.

Jasmin + Myron were joined by their family members and celebrated the night away.

Photography & Videography by Ayo Poetik Visuals