Adventures in Matrimony | A Three-peat During March Madness


When you think about March Madness, basketball comes to mind, right?

Well, on Friday, March 8, 2019, a wet, mushy, muddy day, a lot of madness occured because not did just one couple get married, not just two, but three, yes three couples made it official.

Along with all of the other duties this Mom has to perform, there was also cold rain included. This is the weird part of all this; usually when it rains, business slows down. It has been a known fact over the years that people are less-likely to go out and take care of errands when it is raining. Over time, I’ve had more cancellations during rainy periods than when it was a sun-shiny day.

Congratulations are in order for all three couples married today with an honorable mention of Brandon and Jasmine, also Lemuel & Junlaine.

Two of today’s couples were married near the Greenville County Square Marriage License Division.

The third and final couple was married at the Village Grind coffee-house located at 1258 Pendleton Street, Greenville, SC 29611.