22 Years of Transformation and Triumph | Lelia and Jamison Murcelo


Truly inspiring is the story of my good friend Lelia (formerly Lee) and Jamison Murcelo.

This couple is near and dear to my heart for many reasons. One?

I met Lelia when we both attended York Middle School and we were very close, good friends. Our parents were stationed at Langley Air Force Base, and it was in Bethel Manor where we did reside.

Upon returning to Virginia after years of being away due to my Mother’s future deployments, it was a blessing to have come back to old stomping grounds to be welcomed by friends I’d grown up with during the Bethel Manor years.

By chance, Lelia and I again connected when we converged upon the same telemarketing firm in the late 90’s.

Guess who also worked there? Mr. Jamison Murcelo. We all, at this telemarketing firm, were like family.

I saw the connection almost right away. They had eyes for each other, but not just eyes, good conversation and a deep appreciation for one another.

Their love blossomed and even after I’d moved away, yet again, I found out through Lelia that they’d taken an even bigger step and were later married.

Not only have Lelia, Jamison and I kept contact through Facebook and other methods of Social Media, I’ve watched their children Jayla and Bianca grow and also the second reason why I think this couple is dear to my heart.

Their transformation.

Over the years of marriage, Lelia and Jamison have seen their weight ups and downs for sure. It’s when they got comfortable that the weight started to overtake the two.

In recent years, I’ve seen the transformation, in health and overall wealth of these two to take care of their home life, family as can be witnessed in the photos below. First the BEFORE pics.

The following are photos of the transformation process for these two, the AFTER.

Lelia and Jamison, with 22 years of marriage and having raised two beautiful children and with your tough transformation, I’m blessed to say that I helped you become one!

Sonita M. Leak