The Wedding: The Back End of ‘I Do’


There is much more involved in our roles as Wedding Officiants than what people assume.

Most well-versed officiants know that a wedding ceremony with introduction, vows, ring exchange, and it if includes a unity ceremony, takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes to perform.

There’s also set up and break down, which will include, midway, your processional, ceremony then recessional (the exodus of the wedding party). This process involves other vendors.

Yes, there are outside factors that will affect your performance, but you are also taking an introspective look at what you are performing.
Not only do we have the position to stand in front of a crowd of people and read words from a written resource, we have to learn and be able to enunciate and pronunciate properly, make and keep eye contact with participants and the crowd, give queues when warranted — that involves practice.  We have to practice our movement.

Now, as Wedding Officiants, we experience things like bugs flying in our faces, itchy spots, inclement weather, wind, heat and other outside factors.  Learning to not waver under extreme conditions, including sweat, can be difficult.

As a Wedding Officiant, you have to ensure that your demeanor remains upbeat.  As you are connecting with your audience, giving queues and performing your service, you also have to be aware of if you are giving the right queues and not making movements nor giving non-verbal queues that would offend either the distinguished guests, Bride nor Groom.

How do you know if the way you do things is acceptable?  Watch yourself.  Have a friend or family member (with permission) record you while you perform your duties. 

There is so much more to what we do as Wedding Officiants than what people assume.

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Sonita M. Leak